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~Head Cuckoo~

Meet Liadain Clancy, the woman behind Cuckoo Caretaking,

who brings a unique blend of experiences and passions to assist you. 


Years spent touring as a professional singer allowed me to develop a keen sense of ease and purpose whilst traveling in many new and varied locations. 
Early on I discovered the art of adaptation and the magic of connecting with the world around me, especially our beloved animal companions. 


Since childhood, my unique bond with animals was clear, and it wasn't long before friends and family began entrusting me with the care of their cherished pets.
This profound connection led me to create CuckooCaretaking. 


My mission is simple: to make every client feel secure, respected and truly cared for. 

I take trust placed in me seriously, ensuring that you can rest easy. 

As a genuine and dependable caretaker, I am dedicated to the well-being of you, your animals and the preservation of your home.



"I would trust Liadain with my pets, my kids--my whole life!" 

--Susan Morrison
The New Yorker Magazine

"Liadain is the perfect song, arriving with just the right pitch, rhythm and timbre. She has cared for Cinnamon, Ella, and Mantis, the cats and dogs who have shared our lives, with the utmost kindness and attention. Even the most timid, fear-filled dog calms immediately, readily snuggling up to her. This same sweet and highly-reactive dog can be a challenge to walk (understatement). Liadain takes this in stride. Our dog follows. Liadain’s calm demeanor permeates our home such that all of us feel a bit calmer upon her arrival. Once you hear her voice, you will know what I mean. This makes separations from the beings we at times must leave behind much easier. I have known this gentle soul for decades now . Liadain has been 100% responsible and responsive. You will be lucky to have her in your lives. I certainly count her a blessing. "
--Cheryl Card Ph.D.

 South Salem, NY


"Where to begin to sing the praises of Liadain Clancy? Do I start near 30 years ago when she was our trusted babysitter, sometimes nanny, and travel assistant when my daughter was a little one? Or the countless animals she cared for, both cats and dogs, which came and left our lives, with the love and attention that exceeded the cursory acts of feeding and walking? She is perhaps one of the most responsible, compassionate humans I have known. I always knew she was dedicated to caring for my child and fur babies, as I would have, if not better at times, as her sole responsibility was dedicated to caretaking. This generousity of time, spirit and skill has endeared her to us as family because when a person has your back they become your tribe and she is that and more. Without hesitation I regard her as one who takes her responsibilities as a caretaker to the highest standard as I have trusted her to those I hold most precious.

I have every confidence she does so for all she cares for. Because of the bond we have grown over the years she will be an honored guest at the wedding of the little girl she helped care for. That speaks volumes. Anyone who has the opportunity to have her care for your loved ones is very lucky indeed. I might even say blessed."

-- Cathy Deutsch 

   South Salem, NY

"Liadain is a gem! I could not have been more pleased with the loving care she provided Mimi and the reassurance provided me. Some of her wonderful traits... Liadain was always reliable. If she said she'd be there, she was. She would send a picture of the two of them when she arrived, welcome reassurance. Occasional pics throughout her stay of the two of them having fun. Mimi loved her! And it was obvious that she loved Mimi. I never doubted that I was leaving Mimi in good hands when Liadain was scheduled. If your path has crossed her's, lucky you! You're in for a treat!"

--Judy Hill

  Katonah, NY

Liadain Clancy has been our pet sitter for over ten years. She is by far the best pet sitter we have ever had. Leaving our 4 dogs, 3 cats and 6 chickens was not easy but we had total faith in her competency and knew they were getting the best possible care. 

Several years ago we took a trip to Ireland. Right before we left we found out that one of our cats had bone cancer and needed his leg removed. He had a  difficult recovery which required two blood transfusions. Liadain handled everything, bringing him home from the hospital and caring for him as we would have done. Without Liadain we would have canceled our trip - she is the only pet sitter we felt comfortable leaving him with. On another trip we had a chicken who was ill and Liadain took care of everything, including bringing the chicken to our vet.

Having Liadain care for our pets is like leaving them with a family member. Each time we arrived home to a calm orderly house and a very relaxed and happy crew. 

We cannot thank her enough for all she has done for us over the years. She enabled us to relax and enjoy our vacations without worrying about how our beloved animals were faring without us which was truly a gift."

-- Loren Anderson

Poughkeepsie, NY 

"We have had two of our dogs looked after by Liadain Clancy for the last several years. She is tops; reliable, responsive and intelligent. She clearly loves her work and the animals she cares for. She has provided both short visits during the day and overnight stays. One of the great treats are her carefully narrated videos which she sends on.  You not only get to see your pet but also to hear her lilting voice. Cuckoo Caretaking is tops."

--Benjamin Oko

 Ridgefield CT.



"Over the past ten years or so, I have known Liadain to be passionate about her work and committed to being the best she can be regarding her caregiving of her family and responsibility to clients.


She has been responsible for my home and beloved pets and has taken the best care of both.  
There is no doubt about the trust and comfort I have when she is in charge – a pleasure to do have working in my home."

--Clotilde Farrell
Katonah, NY


"Before finding you we had to board our border collie Remy which was not good for him.  He was getting old and being in the kennel he was always on high alert it was exhausting for him.  Once we tried Liadain it was obvious she was the perfect solution. Remy adored her, she is wonderful watching the house as well, the house was always spotless when we returned and Remy was calm and happy to see us upon our return.
We also loved the quick little videos of walkies and easy texting if needed.  It was such peace of mind, and as Remy got older and needed more care and meds Liadain was able to handle these changes easily.  I have also recommended her to friends and clients and we all just love her.  Miss her as we had to put Remy down last year but have so many fond memories.
I would recommend her for any pet or house sitting she is amazing with animals.We wish her the best!"

--Anne and Matt Hanley
Katonah, NY

"Liadain has been a part of our family since we brought our dog Nash home 8 years ago.  She is so easy-going and flexible.  I can book far in advance, or last minute.  I love knowing that Nash is being so well-cared for when we’re away.  She’s a natural-born care-taker, even driving me to a dr. appointment one time when I couldn’t drive.  If you’re looking for someone trustworthy and dedicated, who really loves their job (and will love your pet!), look no further than Liadain."
--Lynne Stark 

Waccabuc, NY

"We hired Cuckoo Caring to care for our Great Danes for many years.  We loved having Liadain stay in our home and our two boys loved being with her.  Liadain is caring, kind, smart, savvy, and can sing a beautiful lullaby to your fur babies.
We have moved from the area and most certainly wish we had our Liadain and Cuckoo Caring close by."

--Nancy Metz

North Salem, NY

"Our family has known Liadain since she was in her teens. She is warm, kind, talented and extremely reliable. 

She has worked for us in many capacities and always performed all positions with maturity and poise. As the Director of Advanced Oncology she worked for me many months as an Administrative Assistant. She was wonderful with clients, was comfortable with the staff and there was no task assigned to her she didn’t complete with perfection. 

In later years when she started her own business we hired her to care for our beloved dog who we had adopted as a rescue.  He had anxiety and separation issues and she was one of the only persons he attached himself to. She medicated him when he became sick and she was the only person we trusted to care for him. 

Without reservation I recommend Liadain for any position she might choose. She is a very special person and anyone who has the pleasure of knowing and working with her is privileged."

--Connie Brickson
Katonah, NY

"I have been hiring Liadain at CuckooCaretaking for the last 2 years to take care of my 2 German Shepherds, Lily and Leo. Whenever I leave them in Liadain's care, I don't have to worry about anything! She is responsible and the dogs are well taken care of. She always sends a video of the dogs to me when she is there and the dogs are very comfortable with her and like her. She has a calm demeanor and is very caring and the dogs can sense that. She goes beyond just taking care of the dogs - she cleans up after them and if we are away for the weekend she will vary the lights on in the house. She is also punctual when she needs to take care of the dogs. 
Lisa T  
Ridgefield, CT

"Liadain Clancy has been dog sitting for our family dogs for 5+ years. She unconditionally loves your dog and will give him/her the best hugs, love and attention! She will send you multiple videos each day.
Liadain has also been a trusted house sitter. While dog sitting in our home, she has taken care of our flowers, vegetable garden and numerous household items needing tended to. 
Liadain is truly a wonderful kindred spirit: kind, warm and soulful.
We highly recommend her dog services!"

--Rochelle and Bob Wien

  Mount Kisco, NY

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