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Pet & Home Care - Personal Assistance

Your Trusted Partner for Pet Care and Personal Assistance


At Cuckoo Caretaking, I wear multiple hats to make your life easier and your pets happier. As an animal care specialist, I'm here to look after all your beloved animals, from dogs and cats to turtles, chickens, horses, and even peacocks. You name it, I've cared for it.


For over 20 years, I've provided in-home pet care services, taking on the role of a temporary guardian for both your pets and your property while you're away on holiday. 

Your animals receive the utmost care and attention, to your specifications, whether it's a onetime leisurely walk or a comprehensive pet-sitting service.


But that's not all. I can also function as your personal assistant, helping you navigate life's challenges. I am experienced helping with shopping, meal preparation, administrative tasks, or even acting as your 'Life Concierge,' I'm at your service. From scheduling appointments to transportation and child care, I've got it covered. I am here to simplify and streamline your busy life.


Your peace of mind is always my top priority.

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